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Be The Envy Of Your Neighbourhood With The Best Holiday Light Display

When you have Avender Light Decor Inc. install your Christmas lights, you no longer need to unpack, untangle, search for extension cords or replace burnt out lights. All you need to do is choose the type and colour of lights. We take care of everything else.

All of our lighting installation services include:

  • free lighting estimate
  • custom designed plan
  • safe, professional installation
  • careful removal

Renting Lights Is Economical & Easier For You

By renting lights from us we do all the work. We're professionally trained in electrical circuitry as well as ladders and lifts so your business or home is in good hands.

Our Christmas light installation package includes:

  • installing the lights
  • maintaining the lights
  • removing the lights in the New Year
  • taking the lights home with us

Renting lights doesn’t get any easier at one of the busiest seasons of the year. It's the perfect solution for residential homes and businesses. With our Christmas package you can choose a different colour and type of light each year, or keep the same design year after year. Get your free lighting quote online today.

Purchase Quality LED Lighting From The Lighting Experts

We also sell quality CSA approved LED lighting. We've tried all the lighting products on the market so we know what lasts and what is the best value for your money. We offer a one year limited warranty on purchased lighting products.

c6 led lights

"We just love the lights! Our neighbours can't stop complimenting on how beautiful they look. Thank you for taking some of the stress away in preparing for the holiday season. We couldn't have done it ourselves!"
~Michael & Lisa Roessler, Surrey

"Thank you very much for installing those lights. They truly made the house come alive."
~ Sue Nathan, Vancouver